The Chinese Crypto Rankings 2019, EOS Still First


China’s Center for Information and Industry Development issued the 9th (and the first in 2019) edition of its global index of cryptocurrencies and their blockchains. According to it, EOS has retained the first place and Bitcoin has moved up to 15th position. All 10 top-rated projects are the same but they have swapped places.

Comparing to the previous version published in December, 2019, noteworthy coins feature intriguing results:

  • EOS: no change (1st places).
  • Ethereum: no change (2nd places).
  • Ontology: +2 (5th place in December and 3rd place in January).
  • NEO: +2 (9th place in December and 7th place in January).
  • Ethereum Classic: -4 (15th place in December and 19th place in January).
  • Bitcoin: +3 (18th place in December and 15th place in January).
  • Ripple: -1 (19th place in December and 20th place in January).
  • Bitcoin Cash: +2 (30th place in December and 28th place in January)

The first edition of the index introduced in May, 2018, and sponsored by China’s government featured more interesting stuff as EOS even wasn’t presented. This coin was added in June and immediately occupied the top position to never leave it, to date. Hence, Ethereum was the winner of the first rankings, Steem was 2nd (now 10th), and Lisk was placed 3rd (now 12th). Bitcoin was 13th, as well.

It’s clear that two leaders are nearly immortal but other projects change places regularly. Still, Bitcoin can’t approach top-rated currencies and even fall down sometimes.

Methodology and Categories

Authors of the rating constantly improve the evaluation model and optimize evaluations. They cooperate with private and governmental institutions like China Software Testing Center to deliver unbiased opinions (the global community doesn’t trust it too much, although). Among the definitive principles, CCID marks that assessed indicators must be adapted to all projects and related to innovations in public chains.

Researchers evaluate cryptocurrencies by three key parameters with different value:

  • Basic technology (65% of the global rating). Evaluates basic features as functions, performance, safety etc. EOS is the leader now and BitShares is 2nd.
  • Applicability (20%). Evaluates the level of existing and potential real usability. Currently, Ethereum is on the 1st place and NEO occupies the 2nd position.
  • Creativity (15%). Focuses on initial and constant innovations. The 1st number belongs to Bitcoin while Ethereum pursues it.

Future Plans

Further, authors of the index want to launch a series of reports focused on public chains. Studies will feature more indicators and, particularly, evaluations of app development. Moreover, authors will introduce an advisory service to assess technologies.

Despite experts and traders consider the CCID’s list suspicious and quite unreliable, it represents insights of the definitive crypto player, means, China. That’s why the rankings worth attention, at least.

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