Superorder Referral Program


Superorder Referral Program

Hello, friends! Here’s our new important update of the Superorder functionality. However, today we want to tell you about social functions, not trading ones. Are you ready to earn using your networking skills, huh? Let’s go then!

With the new Superorder referral system you can earn money by inviting new users, it’s pretty simple. From each referred trader, you will get 25% of his/her monthly subscription fee. In other words, you can make dozens of dollars from a single referral each month, withdraw this money or cover your own Superorder plans with extra 20% discount! Considering the prices of our plans, it will be enough to invite only four active traders to cover the subscription.

Now, let’s look at the details.


Here are three primary things to remember about Superorder referral program:

  • You get 25% from the referrals’ subscription fees.
  • You earn each month when your referrals prolong subscriptions.
  • You can get an unlimited number of referral simultaneously.
  • You can cover your Superorder subscription with 20% discount.
  • You can cash out the earned money.

Hence, you will get from several bucks to several hundreds of bucks from only one user. The thing is now we have the Pro plan which costs $15/$19.99 per month (when paid annually/monthly, respectively) but also we have the Custom plan with quote-based pricing. And if you pay for the subscription using the bonus money, your own Pro plan will cost $12/$15.99, respectively.

Be sure to spread the info about Superorder so both you and the terminal will benefit from new users. Find more committed traders, and you will have enough bonuses to get the Custom subscription with exclusive features. Finally, you always can cash out all the earned bonuses and get real dollars on your bank account. Everything’s fair.

First Invites

But how to participate in the affiliate program, you may ask? Nothing can be easier. Here’s a quick step-by-step guide on inviting your first referral:

  1. Log in to the Superorder terminal.
  2. Open the Invite & Earn page.
  3. Copy your link which is unique for each user.
  4. Share this link anywhere.
  5. Get bonuses from active users.

Some quick hints: don’t send the link to multiple users via private messages in the social media as most of the platforms will consider it as spam and block the message. Instead, post the link on your personal page with some useful info about Superorder. As well, you can send the link in chats, share via personal websites or blogs, add to the signature on forums, and so on. Also, be sure that a new user realizes how things work. Our guide can help here.

Finally, to get paid, you should find the Payout button in the account settings and click it. This will send the requesе for the money you have earned to the system and it will transfer funds to your balance. Don’t wait and share the info about Superorder today. Let’s make the crypto world a bit more convenient together!