Superorder Basics: How to Use OR/AND Forks


Continuing our series dedicated to the interface of Superorder, we will talk about the unique features called Forks. They are tools which can split a trading strategy into two parts. Moreover, the builder supports Forks inside Forks, so it’s possible to create advanced plans with multiple paths. Using our terminal, you have two options: AND Fork and OR Fork. Let’s figure out what’s the catch with them.

AND Fork

The first feature divides your strategy into two branches which will work simultaneously. In other words, you can insert this Fork and the system will execute all existing orders in both sections.

Here’s a quick example. For instance, you focus on BTC/USDT pair, already have bought some Bitcoins and want to buy also Ripple and EOS. Now, to diversify the trading plan, you insert AND Fork:

  1. Wait for Rate + Market Buy. 50% of the purchased Bitcoins go this way. Superorder will wait for the chosen XRP rate and then place Buy order.
  2. Buy Trailing Stop. Another half of your BTC funds moves here to follow the falling price of EOS and get coins for the best possible rate.

Both parts are valid and will be executed independently so you will get both XRP and EOS. Surely, you can replace orders from the example with other types, it’s all up to you.

OR Fork

This tool is quite similar and simple. It also splits the strategy but only one branch will work. Hence, when the system follows the first path, another one will be canceled totally. The opposite is true, as well.

Again, let’s clarify it with an example. With the same BTC/USDT strategy, you may want to protect from losses and guarantee profits. For this, just add OR Fork with two branches:

  1. Stop Loss. The first part is your safe harbor because it will sell previously purchased Bitcoins upon reaching the specified price.
  2. Wait for Rate + Market Sell. The second way relates to profits as it will sell your funds when the BTC rate will be high.

Thus, after triggering Stop Loss, Superorder will forget about Wait for Rate + Market Sell and vice versa.

How Forks Fit Strategies

To use OR/AND Fork, just open the strategy builder and press the + button where you can find all elements. Remember that Forks aren’t orders, actually, because they act as structural parts. After inserting any Fork, two additional + buttons will appear and you will be able to place new orders there. Basically, Forks may be followed by all existing order types, so feel free to try different approaches.

Try the Terminal Yourself

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