Superorder Basics: Getting to Know TradersChat


Okay, it’s time to meet our crypto community! TradersChat is a website you are reading right now (most likely) and available at We, in Superorder team, have launched this platform to bring together committed traders, investors, industry experts, and just users interested in cryptocurrency and blockchain topics. So, here are questions we’re going to discover today: how this crypto chat can help in your crypto journey and why it’s worth your attention?

Surely, if you already know how the platform works, feel free to skip this part. But the article will be useful for our new members.

TradersChat Structure

Basically, the website is similar to good old forums. The top banner welcomes you with info about the crypto community and our crypto trading terminal. Both sections provide links to key articles and social media pages.

Below, the magic starts. Under the «Category» heading, you will find major sections while the «Top» one reveals leading articles and replies. Moving to the exact structure, let’s look at sections:

  • Superorder. Includes important info about the crypto terminal launched by the same team which manages TradersChat. Here will be more basic info related to crypto platforms and trading approaches, as well.
  • Crypto News. Features the most recent facts and rumors from the decentralized universe. Want to know how Facebook reshapes economy? Wondered which coin leads the game now? Needs fresh insights? Just click the link.
  • Market Analysis. Is dedicated to crypto trading trends and coins’ prices exclusively. Here, we explore and discuss top 10 cryptocurrencies (as of the analysis date) basing on technical indicators. Investment tips included!
  • Articles. Mainly, this is dedicated to Superorder features, also. Helpful articles reveal major features, provide suggestions on using the crypto trading terminal, and focus on trading strategies, too. New functions will be highlighted here, surely.

Finally, the last subcategory located below others is called «Welcome to TradersChat Community». This one includes only two topics focused on meeting traders and introducing yourself. It’s a small cozy corner for informal talks, off-topic discussions, and even some flood (don’t tell our moderator about the last point).

The footer of the crypto chat comes with links to key categories, accounts of Facebook and Twitter.

TradersChat Benefits

It should be clear but let’s summarize. We’ve launched the mentioned crypto community to engage both new and experienced traders to share the experience. TradersChat is linked to Superorder because we want our users to talk about crypto ecosystems using a native platform loyal to customers. The more places to discuss stuff the better, huh?

Thus, by following our crypto chat, traders get exclusive access to the whole support center, the most recent industry news, and analytical articles. Hope, you’ll enjoy both Superorder and TradersChat cause we really love our masterpieces.