Superorder Basics: Benefits from Using the Trading Terminal


Moving further in our series dedicated to the functionality of Superorder, we can’t miss the most interesting part: key features and how they can facilitate your trading! Let’s begin with brief general info about crypto terminals and then move to exact advantages of our platform. Without further ado, here the magic begins.

Trading Terminals for Everybody

To clarify things, remember that we review separate platforms, not exchange-based terminals. The latter ones are pretty simple because of the limited technical indicators, timeframes, and order books. Also, exchanges support trading on a single market only when independent terminals are way more universal.

Ultimately, we distinguish three key pros:

  • They are user-friendly. While exchanges may bombard users with complex interfaces, trading terminals tend to be simple and transparent.
  • They are advanced. Most of all solutions include advanced technical indicators and order types.
  • They are global. The main benefit is that you can access multiple exchanges using a single trading platform.

But how Superorder differs from other apps? There are also three major points.

Strategy Builder

Have you ever seen building kits like Lego? Probably, you have tried to launch algorithmic schemes once? Then our builder will look familiar for you. Simply put, it’s a drag-and-drop workspace where you can combine different elements which represent specific trading orders or actions. These bricks connect in the single chain which, respectively, stands for your trading strategy and is executed automatically by Superorder.

Look at the picture to get the idea better. Basically, you have a few things to combine:

  • Classic Buy and Sell orders. They include Limit and Market types.
  • Stop Loss. To protect your trading plan from significant drops.
  • Trailings. These ones create moving Stop Losses to follow rate changes.

In addition, you can set conditions like Wait for Rate, Rate Change, and Forks. Altogether, you can build diverse trading strategies which are further performed by the terminal step-by-step.

Extra Pro Tools

Superorder is suitable for both newbie traders and experienced market players. Professionals often seek advanced tools, so we provide them. Using hidden orders, our subscribers can make deals invisible for other persons, so it’s extremely useful for huge transactions. With extended chart timeframes powered by TradingView, everybody can define the unique range and track key statistics. Powerful portfolio tracking will suit every trading style as this feature helps to evaluate all of your assets.

More Features for More Exchanges

While users of traditional trading terminals surely can access several markets, Superorder moves further. With our software, you are able to apply usually unavailable tools. It means that regular Binance traders can’t place hidden orders while Superorder users can do it. Similarly, Trailings and combined orders are accessible, so you can use them on any linked exchange. Upcoming order types will support this feature, as well.

The advantage for Early Birds

Finally, there’s the coolest option which is still available. New Superorder will start working in the early February with 2 weeks of free trial for everybody. But all members of the waiting list (just subscribe to become a part of it!) will get 2 months of free access!

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