Samsung Officially Confirms Cryptocurrency Keys Storage in Galaxy S10and Finney delivered for unique Sirin Labs tokens only


The freshest smartphone created by Samsung will support the storage of crypto private keys. It’s official news as this fact was proven by the corporation in its Wednesday press release dedicated to Galaxy S10.

The new feature is called Samsung Knox. It’s focused on new security standards and allows the smartphone to work with blockchain mobile services. Simpler, it will store and protect keys from crypto-related wallets, exchanges, and ecosystems.

Galaxy S10 Facts and Rumors

According to the mentioned announce from Samsung, the new flagship will come with at least 6GB RAM and 128GB in-built memory storage, innovative dynamic display, the option to charge smartphones, and a smart camera with intelligent features. As for the crypto storage, little information is available and the company’s staff doesn’t give extra comments on this topic.

Before the official release, geeks claimed that Galaxy S10 will support crypto wallets and even decentralized applications (DApps). A month ago, the community actively discussed leaked images of KeyStore, a supposed in-system wallet for Ethereum and, probably, other cryptocurrencies. The actual press release doesn’t mention any likewise features except Samsung Knox.

Other Blockchain-Friendly Smartphones

As blockchain and crypto capture our minds, gadget developers introduce phones with specific industry-related features. Last year, two companies announced their projects:

  • Exodus 1 by HTC. Comes with the support of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Brave browser.
  • Finney by Sirin Labs. Includes embedded cold storage and direct crypto exchanging.

Still, Samsung is the greatest market player when compared to these competitors so its Galaxy S10 will have the widest distribution. For instance, customers will be able to get it with fiat unlike Exodus 1 sold for BTC or ETH exclusively and Finney delivered for unique Sirin Labs tokens only.