New Superorder Terminal is Officially Live!


Hello, all. We are the team of blockchain developers from Ukraine and we are happy to announce that our fresh crypto trading terminal called Superorder is now going live. Our brainchild aims to facilitate trading and make it accessible for everyone thanks to intuitive strategy builder, automated orders’ execution, and multiple exchanges support.

For the full review, you can check the related article from Cointelegraph but if you don’t have too much time, just read through this brief introduction.

Understanding How Superorder Works

The first question is: what have we developed? Well, Superorder is a next-gen crypto trading tool which combines functions of bots, exchanges, analytical systems, and portfolio trackers. Look at the most valuable features:

  1. Trading strategies. Arrange orders into diverse chains with various conditions (such as logical forks). Run them and rest calmly as the platform trades automatically.
  2. Advanced orders. Include types which aren’t available on exchanges: hidden orders, combined Stop Loss + Take Profits, and Trailing Stops.
  3. Multiple accesses. Connect multiple marketplaces and trade on them from a single place. Binance is already supported, of course!
  4. Comprehensive stats. Analyze price movements and tech indicators using integrated TradingView charts with custom timeframes.
  5. Portfolios. Track your digital assets using the same platform, check the portfolio performance, and react to price changes with strategies’ modifications.

It’s really simple to start using the professional crypto trading terminal. All you need is to open the site, create an account, and connect exchanges. For this, generate API keys in your profile on the chosen trading platform and paste them in Superorder account. Better don’t enable withdrawal permissions but be sure to give both reading and trading ones.

To get the most from our tool for traders, we suggest ordering the most suitable subscription plan. Occasional traders will be happy with basic functionality. But if you want to handle a lot of running strategies simultaneously, consider upgrading your profile.

Getting Close to Superorder

To join us, simply proceed to the official site at Superorder. However, we also have a few cool platforms and profiles:

  • Traderschat – check the latest crypto news, read about the trading terminal features, and discuss everything in this community of committed crypto lovers.
  • Medium – read the most interesting articles on our page based on this convenient platform with bookmarks and claps.
  • Facebook and Twitter – follow us on social media to receive real-time updates.

Finally, you still can support us on Product Hunt. We appreciate any help but the best reward is user acceptance. It’s wonderful when your idea becomes useful for people all over the world, isn’t it? So, let’s enjoy Superorder together!

Superorder Basics: Trading Terminals Overview