Crypto Trading Strategies for NEWBIES


Strategy 1.
You buy BITCOIN. Store your btc on a hardwallet, bury your wallet. Get it out in 5 years = PROFIT

Strategy 2.

BTC (50%) other crypto (50%) = profit

Current strategy requires a little bit work and time. You invest 50% from your capital into BTC, another 50% spread among other top 5 crypto coins. Check the coinmarketcap.

Then you check your portfolio every hour, day, week, month, quarter and year.

Strategy 3

You doing the research to figure out which companies and which business models are behind the coin you want to buy. After you pick up the companies you think will be fortunate.

Ex: look at smart contract platformers like: ETH, EOS, Lisk, QTUM. From the present perspective, the most secure options to trade are ETH/EOS.

Strategy 4

Daily tradings

It is called daily tradings because the positions should be closed by the end of a working day. Some of daily traders can’t sleep if their own coins overnight. Who knows what could happen at night?

Strategy 5


This is when people come together into groups and pump their money into specific coin. The value of the coin skyrockets. Unsuspecting traders see this rise and invest their money as well (it might be good opportunity to increase your capital, but if you invest late then you will lose your money). The price continues to rise within a very short time period.

Then this shady people dump the coin and the price crashes.

Every small value coin become a target to pump & dump every 4-5 months. Within a couple minutes the price skyrockets and then falls down